You heard about copywriting but you don`t know what exactly that is? My name is Dex and I am a copywriter. I am here to explain to you, what copywriting really is and how you can IMPROVE your business by using it. Ask Me Anything I'll be glad to answer.

Dejan Dex Milosev
Oct 10, 2017

They say “Every marketing is a good marketing”, but that’s not truth. There is a big competition, in every business, and you have to be different, to distinguish yourself, you must have something that the others don’t have.


My name is Dex and I am a copywriter, marketing planer, strategist and consultant.

I am the one they call when the marketing promotion has to be done in the best possible way!

I would be glad to connect with you:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013346116970

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/copywriter_dm/

E mail: dejanmilosev@gmail.com

Talk to you soon!

Dejan Dex Milosev says:

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How do you handle marketing campaign failure?

Oct 11, 2:56PM EDT0

Sometimes business owners have an idea to achieve a big results with very low investing budget. And if that doesn`t work, as it happens most of the time, because it`s impossible, it`s your fault. So, the first thing I do when someone wants to hire me, is to ask them about the money they are planning to invest. And then I tell them what we can do and what they can expect. When I started this job, I made a lot of mistakes. They think it`s enough to pay for your services and that`s it, forgetting about google or social media ads, and printing flyers or brochures, etc.

Oct 11, 3:39PM EDT0

What does an ideal client look like?

Oct 11, 5:51AM EDT0

Hello, thanks for being here. An ideal client for me is the one with interesting business, like a travel agency, and of course, the one with big budget. It that case, I am having fun, and making a lots of money. Win win.

Oct 11, 8:46AM EDT0

How do you ensure your target market notices the business you’re working with?

Oct 11, 5:48AM EDT0

Hi Gregory. Thanks for the question. First of all you must crystallize you audience. Who they are, where and how to find them. After that, you create strategy for promotion and best platforms for that. And you can be ensure they are noticing you promotion by using marketing statistic tools.

Oct 11, 8:42AM EDT0

Do you know any dirty tricks some businesses turn to for product/service marketing?

Oct 11, 3:55AM EDT0

Most of the time they try to represent their product much better then it really is. And that`s maybe ok, in the marketing business every product or services must be looking good, but sometimes they exaggerated until it becomes a lie.

Oct 11, 8:35AM EDT0

Do you mean "copyrighting" or "copy writing"? "Copywriting" is not a word or job.

Oct 11, 3:54AM EDT0

Hi. Copyright is a legal right created by the law to protect original work, Copywriting is writing copy for a marketing purpose. Maybe you should try to google it.

Oct 11, 8:29AM EDT0

What got you interested in a web marketing business?

Oct 10, 10:09PM EDT0

Hi Phillip, thanks for being here. To be honest, I just simply like to write, and I absolutely love to study human behavior. Most people do it for the money, and that`s a logical thing, but when I combined writing and the mass psychology I got Copywriting, and that was the first thing which attracted me.

Oct 10, 10:22PM EDT0

Which was your most difficult web marketing project and why was it difficult?

Oct 10, 9:48PM EDT0

Hey Richa, thank you for the question. I had the situation where dance studio owner contacted me with a special problem. Their dance studio had about 30 girls and NO MEN. And we had to attract new guys to came as soon as possible because those 30 girls will leave, they don`t have with whom to dance.

I tried everything, free month for the guys, marketing promotions, (flyers, facebook and instagram paying ads) absolutely everything but they just didn`t respond. It`s in the small town, so they probably have some prejudices about men dancing or something, and the ones who maybe wanted to dance, they were afraid to be teased by other guys. So, I was helpless.

Oct 10, 10:14PM EDT0

What a great AMA! I thought you might find this MarketingAMA interesting - what do you think? 

Oct 10, 7:35PM EDT0

Hi Hanna, thank you. You are right. Copywriting and SEO strategy are a business twins.

Oct 10, 7:55PM EDT0

Hey guys, thanks for the questions. They all are very interesting, smart and challenging. I am glad to be here with you.

Wish you all the best.

Oct 10, 6:24PM EDT0

Are you in favor of clickbaits as a method of gaining product/service exposure?

Oct 10, 6:23PM EDT0

Hi Vule, great question. Yes, clickbaits are very powerful tool and I only support the ones which lead on real page without any manipulations. As you probably know, there is so many clickbaits headline, with just enough information to make readers curious, and when they click on it, it opens something totally not relevant with that headline, with only one purpose and that is to get more traffic on their website.

Oct 10, 6:36PM EDT0

As a copywriter, who are your clients and where do you get them from? What strategies do you use to get and retain clients.

Oct 10, 5:27PM EDT0

Hi Parmenas, thanks for the question. My clients are small business owners who want to increase their profit and improve business through marketing, by rising up the number of sold products or services. (most of the time). I use several ways to get to them, but the most useful way is direct contact and offering my services, by explain to them how their business can be improved. And if I want to keep them, they need to be satisfied with results of my work.

Oct 10, 6:18PM EDT0
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can u explain to me in details Exceptional market in details

Oct 10, 12:01PM EDT0

Hi Idris. For me, exceptional marketing is something you don`t see every day, something different, something that will jump out from similar promotions or ads we see all the time. To distinguish yourself and your business, in the sea of the competition, you must offer to people something that the others don`t have. Different, successful and useful way for doing a business promotion is, to me, exceptional marketing.

Oct 10, 6:18PM EDT0

Are you keeping abreast of the latest trends and vehicles for copy?

Oct 9, 1:43PM EDT0

Hi Wendi, thank you for the question. Yes, in my sphere of business you must keep in touch with every niche and every new trends. I have been working with some car ensure agency, so I am familiar with that niche, but to be honest, I am not that deeply involved in the latest vehicles trends. But I will take a look, as soon as I can, it`s one of the most profitable niche.

Oct 10, 6:17PM EDT0

How do you start a profitable facebook campaign, what are the things to look out for or pay attention to?

Oct 8, 11:02PM EDT0

Hi Madison, interesting question. Facebook campaign are my favorite marketing tool. It provides the best results. My advice to you is to be different. Everyone of us see the similar facebook ads every day. If you want to attract more people, and if you want to run a successful facebook campaign, you need to be creative, interesting, you have to be special and offer to people something they didn`t see before. But that`s easy to say.

Your campaign should be mixed up with pictures, video clips, slides, offers, notes, not about you and your company but about what they can get from you(they don`t care who you are, they just care for their profit, and what benefit they can get from you)

And keep it simple, keep it smart, keep it short (because no one wants to read you essays) and like I said, keep it interesting and original.

Oct 10, 6:17PM EDT0

How are your social media efforts going to promote your goal?

Oct 8, 10:47PM EDT0

Hi, thank you for the question. Social media tools are very important.

There is a lot of rules, ways, and sensitive things. So, you must be veeery careful.

If you want to do it successfully you just need to be patient and doing it step by step. Building your audience is a slow process. (unless you want to invest a lot of money) Personally, I create an imagine on my photoshop, write attracting headline and content in the copywriting style and promote that through social media paying ads.

Oct 10, 6:17PM EDT0

What is the typical process you go through with a customer?

Oct 8, 8:00PM EDT0

Hello Carlos, thanks for being here. If you are referring on my clients (business owners)... most of the time they contact me through social media platforms or my personal e mail. They explain to me what is their primary goal and what they want to achieve. Then I propose everything I can do for them, and if they like my offers and terms, we have a deal.

Oct 10, 6:16PM EDT0

How have you developed your copywriting knowledge and skills?

Oct 8, 4:55PM EDT0

Hi Shannon, I finished my course for copywriting long time ago, and study the mass psychology. Read tons of books, and watched hundreds of video seminars.

Then I spent a lot of time, energy and efforts trying to use that in practice. After a while, and with some experience, you realize on what people responding and reacting the most, what gives the best results, and you stick with that. But copywriting evolves every day, always something new, so you must keep in touch... read new books, watch new seminars, try something different for better results.

Oct 10, 6:16PM EDT0

I keep hearing 'landing page' what is a landing page?

Oct 8, 3:49PM EDT0

Hi Gregory. Yes, landing page became highly popular in the business world. Landing page is a simple and very useful marketing method. It`s, one page tool with purpose to lead generation. It contains, most of the time, one image, slogan, some information and call to action(the most important part). Nowadays, people are using it for creating a mailing list and to convert their websites visitors into a potential clients.

Oct 10, 6:16PM EDT0

What benefits do your customers get from you?

Oct 8, 3:18PM EDT0

Hi Taylor, thanks for the question. When someone wants to promote their business, product or service, they want to do in the best possible way, of course. With that  separated money for investing in marketing, to attract as many people as it possible and make them into their customers. If you have a great product, then you need a copywriter to promote it in the best way, letting people to know about it, and if your product isn`t that great, then you also need a copywriter, because with professional marketing promotion everything looks better. So, the benefit is: saving your investing money, increase your profit, rise up the reputation of your business name, attracting new clients and keep the present ones, improve your business through marketing and distinguish you company in front of the competitions.

Oct 10, 6:15PM EDT0

Can you explain exactly what copywriting is?

Oct 8, 12:34PM EDT0

Hey, thanks for being here. When someone ask me what do I do, I say “I am a copywriter”, and they are just like, “ok, sure, whatever”.

Copywriting is ability to attract people, potential buyers , customers or clients (most of the time), to buy a product or service, or to make people reacting in the way we want, by using words and ideas. Attracting people and make them to action is our primary goal. We are learned what to write and how, on what people reacting the most, what is the best strategy for marketing, useful platforms, and many more other things. I will give to you one simple example: When you create a flyers, it`s not the same if it has 20% of success or 95% of success. We create flyers in that way to end up in peoples packet and not in the trash can, by using a copywritings methods. And that`s why business owners hire copywriters, because they want to promote their business in the best possible way.

Oct 10, 6:15PM EDT0

Is your copywriting grounded in the principles of Direct Response Marketing?

Oct 8, 10:11AM EDT0

Hi HoganChristopher, thanks for the question. Yes, it is. Both have the same goal, (make people to action) the same principles, and the same ways to do it. The main purpose is exactly the same but they are different in some other things. Marketing evolves and upgrades every day, with a thunder speed, and you have to evolve together with it, abreast, by knowing all its branches. Because, if someone wants to hire you, they don` care are you a direct response marketer or a copywriter, they just want that the job be done.

Oct 10, 6:15PM EDT0

Are you employed or do you work as a freelancer?

Oct 8, 7:39AM EDT0

Hi Rkidd, the answer is both. I am freelancer, that`s my occupation No.1, but I also work locally, in my home town, for a big company as marketing manager

Oct 10, 6:15PM EDT0

Do you have a comprehensive system for capturing information from your clients?

Oct 8, 6:22AM EDT0

Hey Alexis, nice to meet you. Yes, I have some common questions for my clients but most of the time they just explain to me what they want, than I propose several solutions and ways how it can be achieved. And if we both accept the terms, we have a deal.


Oct 10, 6:15PM EDT0

Where did you train as a copy writer and how long have you been doing it?

Oct 8, 4:38AM EDT0

Hi Kim17, I finished my copywriting course 5 years ago in Serbia, and I also have a degree in social psychology, so it helps me in the marketing business. Crowd psychology, and how to control a mass of people, is very important in marketing business.

Oct 10, 6:14PM EDT0

What are your customers primarily interested in?

Oct 8, 1:11AM EDT0

Hello, thanks for being here. Well, the answer is the obvious one: “How much is that gonna cost to me and how much do you charge for your services?”

Oct 10, 6:14PM EDT0

If the sales of the now infamous "bumpstock" just hit the point where the inventory has run out, and the waiting list is now months long to get one AFTER the negative publicity they just got, how can you say “Every marketing is a good marketing”, is not true?

Oct 8, 12:00AM EDT0

Hi Deborah, well there is a big difference between marketing and publicity. They didn`t get a negative reputation because of good, or bad, or any kind of marketing. For example, when LeBron James signed for Miami Heat, his jersey was popular and

best selling in that moment, not because of the marketing promotions but because of the situation, publicity and circumstances. So, yes, people are reacting on the “at the moment popular happenings”, on the good and interesting ones, like this sports example, but also on the negative ones, like this unfortunate one in Las Vegas.

Oct 10, 6:11PM EDT0

Who are your main customers, i.e. what are they selling?

Oct 7, 9:14PM EDT0

Hi Eric, my main clients are small business owners. Probably because they don`t have time to fully dedicate on their marketing promotions. Like dentists, chiropractors, plastic surgeon, etc. They are in the office all day long, and have no time for other important things for their business. So, they just want to leave that to the professionals, and no bother with it.


Oct 10, 6:11PM EDT0

What is your best advice for someone who wants to get into copywriting?

Oct 7, 6:48PM EDT0

Best advice is: listen to no one. It takes time, sometimes the path is thorny and long, but do not quit, don`t give up. Don`t listen other copywriters with answers on the most popular questions “where to start and how can get the clients”. Every one of us has a different way, if something is good for me it doesn`t mean it will be good for you too. Someone succeeded by working locally, someone on upwork and freelance, others by sanding direct mail, picking and focusing on one niche, or promoting themselves... You just need to find out your own way.

Oct 10, 6:10PM EDT0

How can I decrease ad costs, increase conversion rates (regardless of your objective – sales, lead gen or otherwise) and generate more organic reach from people liking, sharing and commenting on the ads?

Oct 7, 6:20PM EDT0

Hi, Egiles. Well, that is a great, one million dollar question, isn`t it? :) But it`s actually very simple. You have to be creative and interesting. For example- social media: Dance studio owner contact me with a goal to reach it`s targeting group without any money to invest in facebook ads. Their targeting group were 13 year old girls, and the studio has about a hundred of them on their facebook page. So, I advised to them to make a contest on the page.  To blur picture of, let's say, Jay Lo, and write: 1. Everyone who guess who is in the picture, 2. share page on their profiles, and 3. invite all friends from their personal profiles to like our page (the nobles-same age girls) participates in this contest and can win a shirt with that mystery person on the picture. It`s interesting for them, in that age they are very in the contest mood, and the most important, you are hiting you audience. If just fifty girls from your page share it, and every one of them have at last a hundred girls to invite.. You get conversation, your targeting group reacting by liking, sharing and commenting on your page, you get new people on your page, and maybe in your studio as well.. and all you need to invest is one shirt.

The bottom line is, you must be interesting, you must be creative and you must give to people something to make them feel like you care about them, not just using them for you benefit. That`s just one of example, but to be honest, if you want a real results, you simply must pay to social media or google for promoting.

Oct 10, 6:10PM EDT0

Can you post a link to one of the articles you have written so I can see your style?

Oct 7, 5:07PM EDT0

Hi Jay, I am sorry, I don`t feel comfortable to share links of my work. I had a bad experience. People in my niches sometimes use that to contact my previous clients (business owners) and offer to them their services for less money or guarantee better work than mine. But, I would be happy to send you my samples if you contact me on the e mail above.


Oct 10, 6:09PM EDT0

What tone is appropriate for your copy?

Oct 7, 4:36PM EDT0

Hey Thomas, very good question. I absolutely love to write sensitive staff. I like to see when people reacting emotional while they reading my articles, blogs or ideas for video commercial. Every commercial, ad or content is about benefit you can get from it, sometimes they add funny things, sometimes scary, and sometimes useful tone , staff like that leave an impression to people, but if you touch their emotional nerve, it will last longer.

So, if you want from people to remember you, in some way, just go with emotions.

Oct 10, 6:09PM EDT0

What social media channels will you use to execute your strategy?

Oct 7, 4:19PM EDT0

Hi, good question. Most of the time I am using facebook paying ads. Everyone is on facebook these days, over 2 billion users. So, you  can literally, with demographic information (age, gender, relationship status, job roles, and other key data) walk in, through video screens, in the peoples houses and offer to them your services or product. If you targeting group are younger people, or if you want to promote a business where the pictures have a big role (like travel agency or dance studio), then Instagram is the second best.

For b2b platform Linkedin is absolutely best place for that.

Oct 10, 6:08PM EDT0

How much do you charge for your services?

Oct 7, 1:37PM EDT0

HI. Thank for the question. Fees always depends on many variables: What your clients exactly want from you to do, for how long, how much profit you can bring to them, how good are you, etc.

Oct 10, 6:08PM EDT0

Hi Dex, how do you ensure the content you create is plagiarism free?

Oct 7, 12:56PM EDT0

Hi Shilpa, in freelance world it`s very difficult to control plagiarism. Recently, I found out that one guy, a copywriter, uses my previous work samples as his portfolio. So, what can I do? When I wrote something, like a slogan, I always search through google to see if maybe already has been written. To ensure your work, you can use a legal options, but that`s to much wasting energy, money and time. At the end of the day, people hire you because of your ability to attract potential clients with your interesting ideas and the way you are thinking... and nobody can plagiarize that.

Oct 10, 6:08PM EDT0
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