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Matthew Barber
Oct 11, 2017

I know how to use social media marketing to get sales, new customers, large amount of views on videos, followers, and more. I use facebook ads to bring in great results and customers with low costing ads that are affordable and would be a great help for brands, music, businesses and more. Asking me anything would be the first step on getting more information about using social media marketing to get great results.


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Which site is the most efficient to run an online business? 

Oct 12, 10:23AM EDT0

The best ones in my opinion would be Amazon, Ebay, Facebook. These are my top 3 I make profits from.

Oct 12, 10:27AM EDT0

Thank you very much :)

Oct 12, 10:33AM EDT0

Thank you for all the tips below, I thought you might like to check out this MarketingAMA, all about social media marketing :) 

Oct 11, 8:27PM EDT0

What would you recommend for a blogger to get their posts to go viral? 

Oct 11, 2:28PM EDT0

Target people that may be interested in your blog post is the first step but creating SEO content could become your best friend when it comes to blog post on your website.

Oct 12, 12:15AM EDT0

Do you think humor has a good chance to go viral?

Oct 11, 1:46PM EDT0

Of course! Everyone loves a good laugh. You can find that humor content could show great organic results and potentially give you new followers and a new audience that is interested in your content.

Oct 12, 12:00AM EDT0

Do you need to have a video to achieve viral status?

Oct 10, 4:39PM EDT0

Certainly not! Look at Fidget Spinners. They went viral and had many people I even know myself buying them as gifts for their family members. Keep the audience entertained with something new and you can make it go viral.

Last edited @ Oct 10, 6:37PM EDT.
Oct 10, 6:35PM EDT0

What is considered as viral?

Oct 10, 10:29AM EDT0

Viral in this case would be something that millions of people start to follow behind. Setting up a successful trend can bring a lot of attention and money your way.

Oct 10, 6:40PM EDT0

Why do people buy Facebook Likes?

Oct 10, 10:19AM EDT0

A successful outcome of buying facebook likes would be to target a certain audience that may be interested in the content you post, which could also be the key to sales and new customers. A bad way of buying facebook likes on the other hand, is to buy them without a plan on regenerating money back into your own pockets. If you do it that way then you would just be spending money.

Oct 10, 6:45PM EDT0

Can you briefly describe how you would start to run a successful campaign on facebook?

Oct 10, 10:07AM EDT0

Can you share a link to one of your viral campaigns?

Oct 10, 8:38AM EDT0

Unfortunately I can not because the campaigns I run are usually for businesses. But what I will do is start a campaign in the future and post the link to the post so you can see the results.

Oct 11, 11:53PM EDT0

Does it matter how many facebook followers I have to run a successful campaign?

Oct 10, 7:01AM EDT0

Definitely not! You can start a successful campaign with no Facebook followers and still see great results.

Oct 11, 11:40PM EDT0

How much money do you spend on facebook ads in order to run a campaign?

Oct 10, 4:31AM EDT0

You can spend as litte as $1 on Facebook ads, but I usually run a $5 a day campaign for about 3 days to see if there are good results from my ads. If I see great results, then I would spend more money daily for that specific ad becuase I would be making more money than I spent in the end.

Oct 10, 6:55PM EDT0

Can you share your facebook and twitter?

Oct 10, 4:24AM EDT0

How many times have you managed to go viral?

Oct 9, 7:00PM EDT0

I haven't gone viral myself but videos/music or post I have handled with reach great results. Some videos even made it to more than 1 million views. 

Last edited @ Oct 9, 8:50PM EDT.
Oct 9, 8:49PM EDT0

What is your educational and professional background?

Oct 9, 5:27PM EDT0

I have my bachelors degree in business and I am currently in school for Music Production. 

I do freelance work for a variety of things, such as; market research, social media marketing, app testing and more.

Oct 9, 6:11PM EDT0

Are you offering a service to people or just answering questions on your expertise?

Oct 9, 4:57PM EDT0

I offer my own services on fiverr for social media promotion, but on AMAFeed we provide answers to questions within our expertise.

Last edited @ Oct 9, 6:03PM EDT.
Oct 9, 5:14PM EDT0

What kind of message has the best chances to go viral?

Oct 9, 3:06PM EDT0

The best messages to use to go viral would be something that is needed or entertaining. Nowadays video post have great engagement results. People like it, then peope share it and it goes on and on. It mainly depends on how good your content is. For example, if you make a article about "how to make 100 dollars a day" and then make another article on "how to make 1000 dollars a day, you would see the "1000 dollars a day" article would have more results because peope wanna know how to make money fast. Keep everyone entertained and your message could go viral.

Last edited @ Oct 9, 6:00PM EDT.
Oct 9, 5:12PM EDT0

What is the number one mistake you see people make with Facebook ads?

Oct 9, 12:56PM EDT0

Not targeting a specific audience with facebook ads is my number 1 mistake I see. Targeting is one of the most important factors when it comes to posting facebook ads. Make sure you target your niche or people who may be interested in that market before you post a ad that no one is interested in.

Oct 9, 1:06PM EDT0
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