This is Gopal. I help Entrepreneurs learn "copywriting" fast and launch profitable Facebook campaigns in 4 hours or less without landing pages, emails or a website even with Zero Tech Skills. Ask Me Anything.

Gopal Krishnan
Sep 13, 2017

You can ask me anything about Positioning, Branding, Facebook ads, Facebook groups, Product Launches and Copywriting. 

I have more than 10 years of experience in running exciting campaigns

for some of the top startups and in this AMA, you can pick my brain completely free.

If you are an Entrepreneur and feel learning Marketing is tough, I am here to make it simple and easy for you.

Gopal Krishnan says:

This AMA will end Sep 13, 2017 12PM EDT


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How to do facebook ads for a dropshipping online store?

Sep 12, 11:59AM EDT0

I haven't done this but the principles of marketing remains same for all industries. Choose a great product, create a viral video based for your product. Retarget people who have watched 75% or more of your video with an ad to your dropshipping product.

Last edited @ Sep 13, 8:27AM EDT.
Sep 13, 8:27AM EDT0

How do I know who has watched my videos?

Sep 13, 2:05PM EDT0

Can you explain exactly what copywriting is?

Sep 12, 1:53AM EDT0

Copywriting is salesmanship in print. Instead of you doing a sales pitch one-on-one, you write a sales pitch so that you can reach your prospects on a one-to-many basis. This gives you a lot of leverage.

Sep 13, 8:31AM EDT0

How easy is it to target a large audience, and actually meet each individual needs?

Sep 13, 4:54PM EDT0

When did you start this business?

Sep 11, 11:46PM EDT0

I have been in the Internet Marketing Industry from 2007. The agency was started in 2015.

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Sep 13, 8:31AM EDT0

What type of guarantee do you offer your clients?

Sep 13, 1:02PM EDT0

Have you ever ran a Shopify store and sent Facebook ads to it?

Sep 11, 9:35PM EDT0

No. But the same principles of marketing and copywritign can be applied in any industry. Choose a great product, create a viral video for your product. Retarget people who have watched 75% or more of your video with an ad to your Shopify product.

Sep 13, 8:32AM EDT0

How would your skills be able to help my e-commerce?

Sep 13, 6:07PM EDT0

Who are your main customers, i.e. what are they selling?

Sep 11, 6:11PM EDT0

Our main customers are from the educational industry. They sell educational toys, placements, career changes etc.

Sep 13, 8:33AM EDT0

Do you think that one day, all schools will do away with actual books and only use the internet to teach?

Sep 13, 5:46PM EDT0

Hi Gopal. Less than 4 hours - that's simply great! But how do you capture the voice of the customer? How do you know what tone to use? 

Sep 11, 11:53AM EDT0

Your tone should be that of a doctor diagnosing a patient and you should be able to make them feel that you understand their current situation and problems. When they feel you understand their problems, you also make them feel that you have the solution. You do this by doing a thorough research on the problems they are facing currently with your competitors and the industry as a whole.

Sep 13, 8:35AM EDT0

This is what you will be able to project through my ad? How are you able to learn so many clients, client's needs?

Sep 13, 5:15PM EDT0

What is the typical process you go through with a customer?

Sep 11, 9:48AM EDT0

Creative Briefing -> Nail Unique Concept & Irresistible Offfers -> Set up Capture, Relationship and Sales Systems ->Run Beta Campaign-> Get Intial Sales -> Scale the campaign

Sep 13, 8:37AM EDT0

How do your clients pay you?

Sep 13, 3:44PM EDT0

Are your strategy in line with current marketing practices? Do you claim that there is no need for landing pages, websites, etc.?

Sep 11, 8:45AM EDT0

When you are just starting out, you need to focus on one thing: SPEED TO MARKET. How fast can you launch yourself into the market.  That's why we recommend Facebook Lead Ads, What'sApp and a Sales call to start with. Once you have got your initial sales, you can go into building landing pages, websites etc.

Last edited @ Sep 13, 8:56AM EDT.
Sep 13, 8:38AM EDT0

Is your copywriting grounded in the principles of Direct Response Marketing?

Sep 11, 8:01AM EDT0

Yes. We use the principles of Direct Response Marketing in all the campaigns we do.

Sep 13, 8:39AM EDT0

What do you guys refer to "principles of Direct Response Marketing"?

Sep 13, 12:06PM EDT0

Are you keeping abreast of the latest trends and vehicles for copy?

Sep 11, 7:30AM EDT0

We are a bit old school when it comes to copy. But we do keep ourselves updated by learning from the masters.

Sep 13, 8:40AM EDT0

Who do you consider your biggest competition?

Sep 13, 12:35PM EDT0

What is your facebook or twitter so I can follow you?

Sep 11, 7:04AM EDT0


Sep 13, 8:40AM EDT0

Great thank you, I look forward to learning more from you. Any tips on how to take the first step, with a low investment?

Sep 13, 12:59PM EDT0

What type of facebook campaigns have you launched?

Sep 11, 5:38AM EDT0

We have launched viral video campaigns, viral quiz campaigns, webinar campaigns on Facebook. You can see more here:- http://www.visualmarketer.com/case-studies

Sep 13, 8:42AM EDT0

Can you share any of your customer's Facebook pages with us to show us your work in action?

Sep 13, 3:38PM EDT0

What is your best advice for someone who wants to get into copywriting?

Sep 11, 4:55AM EDT0

Invest in Mentors. I realized there was a copywriter in me because I started to write with the templates my mentor provided. Practice writing Facebook posts on groups and see if you are able to capture people's attention there. Then start building a list and start writing emails. Then landing pages, sales pages. That's how I would suggest you to go.

Last edited @ Sep 13, 8:57AM EDT.
Sep 13, 8:44AM EDT0

Who are your biggest mentors?

Sep 13, 3:07PM EDT0

What are your customers primarily interested in?

Sep 11, 2:33AM EDT0

They want their brands to become completely different from the competition.

Sep 13, 8:44AM EDT0

Do you mainly work with people who have a single item they are wanting to sell?

Sep 13, 4:17PM EDT0

What social media channels will you use to execute your strategy?

Sep 11, 1:49AM EDT0

We only use Facebook and most of our clients get 90% or more of their business from Facebook. If you use the platform right, Facebook is more than enough for getting all the clients you want.

Sep 13, 8:45AM EDT0

What if you have already used Facebook ads in the past with no results?

Sep 13, 2:25PM EDT0

How can I decrease ad costs, increase conversion rates (regardless of your objective – sales, lead gen or otherwise) and generate more organic reach from people liking, sharing and commenting on the ads?

Sep 11, 1:35AM EDT0

Make the ad all about your client. Your ad should have "Contrast". It should be completely different from what people have seen in the market. When you do that, you will get more people clicking on your ad, liking, commenting and sharing. Facebook recognizes this and gets your cost down. Your ad should be about what they want. Basically, you give them the "Cake"( Want) and then tell them what they Need ("The Carrot")

Sep 13, 8:49AM EDT0

Have you ever worked with a Medical Tourism Company?

Sep 13, 11:14AM EDT0

Do you have a comprehensive system for capturing information from your clients?

Sep 11, 12:19AM EDT0

We collect a lot of information from the client related to their product, prospect and their competition.  And we also do our research to find out the different products, their price points, offers etc.

Sep 13, 8:50AM EDT0

Is this considered "Web/Data Dragging"?

Sep 13, 1:53PM EDT0

How have you developed your copywriting knowledge and skills?

Sep 10, 11:52PM EDT0

All my learning has come from getting into other people's marketing. I modeled a lot from their emails, landing pages and sales pages before I developed my own style.

Sep 13, 8:52AM EDT0

Do you have a Degree in college, if so, what did you study?

Sep 13, 2:31PM EDT0

How are your social media efforts going to promote your goal?

Sep 10, 11:36PM EDT0

My socail media efforts is all about giving Entrepreneurs the skills they need to launch a profitable campaign. If I am able to do that, it will promote my goal.

Sep 13, 8:53AM EDT0

Will I be able to eliminate other ads I already have online?

Sep 13, 1:30PM EDT0

What is a landing page?

Sep 10, 10:27PM EDT0

A landing page is where people give their contact info or credit card information to buy online. One example is : www.4hourfbfunnel.com/enroll

Sep 13, 8:24AM EDT0

Based on your experience, what method of payment is the most secure?

Sep 13, 12:29PM EDT0

What aspects of your business are you most proud of?

Sep 10, 9:17PM EDT0

Our ability to create "Unique Concepts" and the way we are able to help our clients eliminate their competition.

Sep 13, 8:23AM EDT0

What do you mean by eliminating my competition, eliminate them as my competition on the internet?

Sep 13, 11:58AM EDT0

How do you start a profitable facebook campaign, what are the things to look out for or pay attention to?

Sep 10, 7:36PM EDT0

1. Can I create a "Unique Concept" for this market that will be completely different than what they have seen before. 

2. Can I create Superior Free and Paid Irresistible Offers for this market?

Sep 13, 8:22AM EDT0

Can you please explain what you mean by Free and Paid Irresistible?

Sep 13, 11:27AM EDT0

What benefits do your customers get from you?

Sep 10, 4:16PM EDT0

Our cusomers are able to be build a "Brand" that's completely different from the competition and instantly positions them as an authority. This way they get leads at a lower cost and are able to close sales faster.

Sep 13, 8:21AM EDT0

What are the initial costs to begin working with you?

Sep 13, 10:56AM EDT0

What do you mean by fast and what does it entail? Do you have a link or an example that you can share?

Sep 10, 3:57PM EDT0

We help Entrepreneurs to launch campaigns with Facebook's Lead Ads where they don't have to go outside Facebook to submit their contact information.  The only thing you need to launch this kind of campaign is to know how to "copywrite" the Lead Ad. You can see more at www.4hourfbfunnel.com/enroll

Sep 13, 8:19AM EDT0

How can I align my ad, with my campaign landing page?

Sep 13, 10:25AM EDT0

What tone is appropriate for your copy?

Sep 10, 2:41PM EDT0

Your tone should be that of a doctor diagnosing a patient and you should be able to make them feel that you understand their current situation and problems. When they feel you understand their problems, you also make them feel that you have the solution.

Sep 13, 8:18AM EDT0

How will I know I am targeting my audience?

Sep 13, 9:51AM EDT1
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