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Kris Reid
Nov 14, 2017

A country boy from Brisbane, Australia. Studied Software Engineering at the Queensland University of Technology. Moved to London to work in Finance for Visa Europe and Euroclear Bank. Lost my job in the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, along with everyone else working in Finance.  Travelled the world for 2 years, with all my possessions on my back. Lived in 9 countries – Australia, USA, UK, Russia, Latvia, Ireland, Belgium, Cambodia and the Philippines. I ended up developing a game and was looking forways to promote it, which led me to learn about SEO. Started creating tools that increase websiteranking, which is now the basis of my company, Ardor SEO. Google ranked at "The Coolest Guy in SEO."


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How can SEO make money for my plumbing business?

Last edited @ Nov 14, 1:12AM EST.
Nov 14, 1:10AM EST0

SEO will make it easy for your market to find you :)People are actively searching for a plumber. They'll either find you or your competitor and at the moment it sounds like your competitor. 

Nov 14, 4:22AM EST0

How do I delete backlinks?

Nov 13, 5:52PM EST0

If you want a backlink removed you can ask the website ownerOr you can disavow it in the Google Webmaster Tools

Nov 13, 9:08PM EST0

How should my anchor text distribution be?

Nov 13, 3:24PM EST0

Worry about providing great content that people want to link to naturally and you'll have a naturally great anchor text distribution 

Nov 13, 9:08PM EST0

Are exact match domains valuable nowadays?

Nov 13, 9:04AM EST0

They still rank well for sure.Google Plumber+CityName and pretty much every city you'll find one ranking

Nov 13, 9:07PM EST0

Can you name some general tips for social media success?

Nov 13, 7:23AM EST0

Be yourself :)

Nov 13, 9:07PM EST0

Can you recommend me a good book about this topic?

Nov 12, 10:57AM EST1

Here are a heap of podcasts talking about SEOhttps://ardorseo.com/podcasts/It's probably more up to date than any book.What are you trying to achieve? 

Nov 13, 12:19AM EST0

Which benefits better from social media marketing, B2C or B2B business?

Nov 12, 1:10AM EST0

It would depend on what the business's goals are on how you would measure the successLet's continue the conversation tweet me #coolestGuyInSEO

Nov 12, 8:17AM EST0

Do you know any dirty tricks some businesses turn to for product/service marketing?

Nov 11, 8:29PM EST0

Don't focus on tricks or bad things that others do. Focus on providing great value for your customers. It takes a life time to build a reputation and seconds to destroy it.Let's continue the conversation tweet me #coolestGuyInSEO

Nov 12, 8:16AM EST0

What will be your next steps if your SEO methods or technique does not work?

Nov 11, 8:14PM EST0

Learn how to do it right, speak to an expert or even better, let an expert do it for you and stay focused on delivering excellence to your customers. Let's continue the conversation tweet me #coolestGuyInSEO

Nov 12, 8:15AM EST0

How will you check whether your SEO campaign is working or not?

Nov 11, 3:24PM EST0

Do you have more customers? Then it's working :)You need to setup proper goal trackingLet's continue the conversation tweet me #coolestGuyInSEO

Nov 12, 8:15AM EST0

How are websites being rank by Google?

Nov 11, 10:08AM EST0

Google ranks websites based on their trust to be able to answer the queryLet's continue the conversation tweet me #coolestGuyInSEO

Nov 12, 8:14AM EST0

How would you compare the efficiency and effectiveness of social media marketing from email marketing?

Nov 11, 8:23AM EST0

Social Media Marketing you're going to have a bigger reach but email marketing is much more targeted.Does it really matter if you speak to 10 people or 10,000? It really matters who resonantes with your message and becomes a customer.Let's continue the conversation tweet me #coolestGuyInSEO

Nov 12, 8:13AM EST0

How should companies measure their social media marketing success?

Nov 11, 3:48AM EST0

What's your purpose? Generally our customers, their purpose is to grow their business with more customers. So the best way to measure is to have proper goal tracking setup and measure conversions. Easy! :)Feel free to tweet me #coolestGuyInSEO

Nov 11, 4:11AM EST0

What's the difference between organic vs. paid results?

Nov 10, 7:52PM EST0

Sorry for the slow reply. I'm on the other side of the world and was asleep :)Organic are the 10 free listings that Google display.Adwords are the paid listings. That's where Google makes their money.But only 2% of people click on Ads, so to get the lion's share of the traffic you need to be in organic :)

Nov 10, 8:04PM EST0

Should Youtube be added to the list of social media sites where a company can market online?

Nov 10, 2:59PM EST0

You don't need to be on every platform. But be active on the ones you are.Where are your customers? It's best to talk to them on the medium that they use :)

Nov 10, 8:05PM EST0

Is there any future for SEO?

Nov 10, 10:55AM EST0

The future is so bright ya gotta where shades!

Do you see less people using Google? The usage of the internet and Google is always increasing. Half the world doesn't have the internet still :)

Nov 10, 8:06PM EST0

Do specific types of social content have a bigger impact on SEO?

Nov 10, 10:42AM EST0

Social Content has no impact on SEO. Think of it as Authority. Like if the BBC writes an article about you, their website has a lot of Authority and is passed on to you but not everyone can post on the BBC.FB the domain has a lot of authority but anyone can make a post so it's not special. That might differ if the social sight really has a gazillion followers. Get Trump to tweet about you and tell me if it effects your rankings :)

Nov 10, 8:08PM EST0

How do you populate keywords in a page without doing keyword stuffing?

Nov 10, 9:32AM EST0

At the end of the day it's not rankings that matter but conversions. Write for your user, don't write for Google.Just pick a theme and write great content. Google is smart enough to work out the rest.And if they're not, smash it with backlinks with the right anchor text ;)

Nov 10, 8:09PM EST0

Why do some SEO methods not work?

Nov 10, 9:08AM EST0

Because they are bad methods :)Which ones are you speaking about?

Nov 10, 8:09PM EST0

What hurdles did you have to overcome in regards to SEO and which one was the most difficult one?

Nov 10, 8:17AM EST0

SEO really isn't that hard. Structure a website nicely, write great content and attract backlinks.Do you rank yet? If not, more supporting articles, more backlinks....rinse and repeat

Nov 10, 8:10PM EST0

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

Nov 10, 8:16AM EST0

Go after the low hanging fruit. You can get near instant results. Get your website earning and then go after the big keywords

Nov 10, 8:11PM EST0

How can you improve keyword density?

Nov 10, 7:39AM EST0

Don't write for robots. Write for the user.Focus on making amazing content that people want to read and share. Not stuffing or even focusinng on keywords

Nov 10, 8:12PM EST0
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