Telemarketing; how to be good at one of world's toughest jobs. So Ask Me Anything about it and I will be happy to reply.

James Dean
Nov 17, 2017

I have been working for a company as a Senior Executive for over an year now. My job is to close business loan deals. Even a week before I started working here, I had no idea of what I would do in life and what I'm good at. I applied here after a friend recommended. This job requires me to be on calls the whole office hours and handling customer relationships, including objections. After a month of working, I felt a strong passion towards this job which is there till date. By the end of second month, I became the Best Performing Rep., which became regular for me till sixth month when I got promoted to be the Executive. Things got even better for both me and my company from then. Now I'm the Best Revenue Producing Officer for my company since last 5 months. My journey was not as smooth as it seems. Many objections, obstacles and hard times came my way. But my passion, dedication and support from management turned it into a simple task. Till date, I have been able to get going only because of my passion for the job I do for a living. In my opinion, that's the secret of being successful in any field.

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