My name is Kenneth. I worked on different kinds of Telemarketing jobs for 3 years! I'm one of those annoying guys trying to sell you something through the phone. Ask me anything!

Jun 16, 2017

I am a 24 years old Telemarketer who has worked from call centers to Upwork. Ask me anything!

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Hello, how are you expected to reply to insults / aggressive clients? any phrase examples?

Jun 17, 1:04AM EDT0

For me, I just keep quiet and let them finish what they have to say. If they're done, I continue my spiels or say thank you for the time.

Jun 17, 1:43AM EDT0
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What percent of calls were hangups when you did telemarketing?

Jun 16, 4:57PM EDT0

Estimated 80% of calls are hangups and that's on a good day.

Jun 17, 1:42AM EDT0
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Did you ever feel guilty about selling things as a telemarketer?

Jun 15, 4:44PM EDT0

Nope, all the products or services I tried to sell were legal and some are even good deals.

Jun 15, 10:05PM EDT0

Do you buy some of these goods yourself?

Jun 17, 2:34PM EDT0

How do you interview for a job as a telemarketer?

Jun 15, 5:19AM EDT0

You mean how do I get interviewed? Well first they test me if my english skills are good enough, next they test me if I can sell what they want me to sell.

Jun 15, 10:07PM EDT0
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What was the typical response when you said you worked in telemarketing?

Jun 15, 12:21AM EDT0

In my country, being a telemarketer doesn't really have a bad reputation. You'll get one of those labels as being a call center guy.

Jun 15, 10:08PM EDT0

Have you ever bought anything from a telemarketer yourself?

Jun 14, 7:00PM EDT0

I haven't because marketing products through phone here in the Philippines really isn't a common thing.

Jun 15, 10:09PM EDT0

How can customers get telemarketers off the phone fastest?

Jun 14, 4:53PM EDT0

Listen to what they are selling and tell them you're not interested.

Jun 15, 10:09PM EDT0

Thanks for your advice!

Jun 16, 11:40PM EDT0

How do you keep a potential customer from hanging up?

Jun 14, 5:47AM EDT0

It depends on the product. but basically you just have to reiterate the answers to their questions to make hear what they want to hear.

Jun 15, 10:11PM EDT0

Do they teach you this skill at work?

Jun 17, 9:37AM EDT0

How true are the typical stereotypes about telemarketing jobs?

Jun 14, 2:49AM EDT0

The most common stereotype that I hear is that telemarketers hate their jobs. I think most do, but they hold on to that job because it pays well.

Jun 15, 10:14PM EDT0
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What kind of mindset do you need to succeed in telemarketing?

Jun 14, 1:51AM EDT0

You just have to be ready for the insults and hang-ups because if you're not, you'll be affected emotionally and you'll get stressed out

Jun 15, 10:15PM EDT0

Have you ever been affected in some way?

Jun 17, 2:25AM EDT0

What is your advice for someone thinking of doing telemarketing?

Jun 13, 10:50PM EDT0

Be confident when calling and don't get affected when they insult or yell at you. Sometimes it gets intimidating especially when you know how people treat telemarketers nowadays.

Jun 15, 10:17PM EDT0

What skills learned in telemarketing apply to other jobs?

Jun 13, 9:46PM EDT0

For me it's communication. When you've talked to thousands of people annoying them by introducing a product most don't even care about, it'll be a breeze talking or communicating with colleagues and bosses.

Jun 15, 10:20PM EDT0
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What circumstances led to you working as a telemarketer?

Jun 13, 6:47PM EDT0

Here in the philippines, if you're good at english and you can't find any jobs most likely you'll end up working at a call center or a freelancer whether it be a telemarketer or a customer service rep. It's because the BPO industry pays well in our country.

Jun 15, 10:22PM EDT0

What were your best sales lines as a telemarketer?

Jun 13, 3:02PM EDT0

I don't really use fancy spiels because I feel like they make the potential customer know that you're reading from a script. I just tell them the reason why I called. Sometime I make them think that I'm not a telemarketer like "Hi there, I'm calling from ___ office here in __. We would like to inquire if (company's name)'s website is mobile friendly?" if they say NO then i continue until I convince them to have an appointment with my boss.

Jun 15, 10:28PM EDT0

What was your biggest pay day working as a telemarketer?

Jun 13, 11:57AM EDT0

In a week I earned $130 in commision only. and that's pretty big here in the Philippines. That's the only biggest pay I remember.

Jun 15, 10:31PM EDT0

What kind of products have you successfully sold?

Jun 17, 5:09AM EDT0

How did the creation of the ""do not call"" registry affect your job?

Jun 13, 10:44AM EDT0

Not really much. As much as I understand, you have to put a specific number on "do not call" registry. We use softwares like skype to call making my number different from the others.

Jun 13, 11:10AM EDT0

How did you deal with rude customers on the phone?

Jun 13, 5:17AM EDT0

I try to reason out with irate customers and if they want to continue yelling, I just let them and continue on my script afterwards.

Jun 13, 11:11AM EDT0

What was the stupidest thing you ever sold as a telemarketer?

Jun 13, 2:40AM EDT0

I couldn't think of any stupid product or services. But I have worked at an account once where we call people telling them that they won a $100 gift certificate but they have to pay the shipping fee. Turned out that the account was a scam and I personally exposed it to my colleagues.

Jun 13, 11:14AM EDT0

How much of your pay as a telemarketing was commission?

Jun 13, 1:47AM EDT0

It depends on the account. If it's easier to sell then there would be little commission like $5 or even none at all. I always try to get telemarketing jobs where they offer hourly pay instead of a purely commission based paying method.

Jun 13, 11:16AM EDT0

Is it easy to get hourly pay?

Jun 17, 6:44AM EDT0

How would you describe the telemarketing work environment?

Jun 13, 12:14AM EDT0

When you work as a telemarketer, first thing you have to do is to harden your heart a little. That's because you'll get a lot of yelling and you get shut down often. If you're mind and emotions aren't ready then you'll be affected by it. So for me, the work environment is filled with people who can handle a lot of stress.

Jun 13, 11:19AM EDT0
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What kind of job do you consider worse than telemarketing?

Jun 12, 6:06PM EDT0

Out of all jobs I have experienced, the worst job for me is being a customer service representative. I worked as a CSR for a service provider once. For 8 hours straight you get phone calls from angry people who couldn't turn on their phone and you have to help them and make them realize their phone didn't turn off, it was just the backlight that turned off. The stress level of being a CSR was worse than telemarketing.

Jun 13, 11:23AM EDT0

Are there any perks to working as a telemarketer?

Jun 12, 4:07PM EDT0

For me who lives in the Philippines, I think it's the opportunity to be better at talking with a foreigner. Other than that, the commission and the higher salary than our minimum wage is a perk for me.

Jun 13, 11:27AM EDT0

customers in which countries do you usually cover?

Jun 17, 9:00AM EDT0

Would you ever consider selling door to door?

Jun 12, 3:10PM EDT0

Nope. Being a telemarketer has the advantage of trying to sell something without being seen. That's the line for me.

Jun 13, 11:28AM EDT0

Did you work as a telemarketer from home or from an office?

Jun 12, 2:28PM EDT0

I worked as a telemarketer from offices before. But now I'm working at home as a freelancer.

Jun 13, 11:29AM EDT0
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How did you relax - after work or on the job - with your coworkers?

Jun 12, 12:05PM EDT0

I think it's the same as other people who have jobs do. But sometimes when we go out for drinks, we start drinking at noon or morning because most of the telemarketers here in the Philippines work at night due to the time zone difference with the country where we are taking calls.

Jun 13, 11:33AM EDT0

How does telemarketing differ from door to door sales?

Jun 12, 11:35AM EDT0

Telemarketing is different because it takes less stress. You just have to dial a number and start your script without even facing the person. If the person gets annoyed or irate, you won't be affected directly because it's through phone.

Jun 13, 11:35AM EDT0

What are some jokes you've heard about telemarketers?

Jun 12, 10:31AM EDT0

I haven't really heard nor remembered any jokes. But the experiences we met are funny enough. Like when my colleague dialed a number and I don't know why the person answered the phone but as the person tried to answer our inquiries, she kept moaning then left the phone for us to hear her having sex.

Jun 13, 11:42AM EDT0


Jun 17, 5:30AM EDT0

How do you avoid burnout when working as a telemarketer?

Jun 12, 10:13AM EDT0

I take short breaks like after every 30 phone calls I relax for 5 minutes. It helps me take out the stress from the previous calls.

Jun 13, 11:44AM EDT0

Have you read any good books about the art of sales?

Jun 12, 6:54AM EDT0

I haven't read any book about sales. What most of us do is experiment. We change our script a bit and try it for a couple of calls, then we assess if the new script would get better reply. It works especially when calling business to business where it's hard to get pass the receptionist or secretary.

Jun 13, 11:47AM EDT0

Is there a script or Bible for telemarketers?

Jun 12, 5:32AM EDT0

Not to my knowledge. Different accounts have different scripts and approaches and it's up to us to tweak it.

Jun 13, 11:49AM EDT0

What percent of phone calls ending in sales is considered good in telemarketing?

Jun 12, 4:33AM EDT0

When working as a telemarketer, the lowest job you'll get is the cold calling, that's where you call random people or random specified businesses in a certain area to try to set appointments with an upper colleague who works at the main office and that upper colleague's job is to sell the product or service. So for many of us, setting 3-5 appointments per day is considered good. It's up to the guys in the main office if they'll be able to sell the product/service.

Jun 13, 11:53AM EDT0

What do you do when you get a call from a telemarketer?

Jun 12, 3:37AM EDT0

The most respectable way is to listen to what they have to offer and if you're not interested then just tell them you're not interested.

Jun 13, 11:54AM EDT0

How has new technology impacted the job of telemarketing?

Jun 12, 3:09AM EDT0

For me, the telemarketing industry is at its peak because of the current technology. We can get phone numbers from the internet and use IP phones to call.

Jun 13, 11:56AM EDT0

How can consumers protect themselves against telemarketer spiels?

Jun 12, 2:58AM EDT0

Just say you're not interested and tell them not to call again. If you say that, they will put you on their own list of "dead leads" and won't dare to bother you again.

Jun 13, 11:57AM EDT0

What are the best excuses for not buying you heard from customers?

Jun 12, 2:18AM EDT0

I'm sorry, can you reiterate your question?

Jun 13, 11:58AM EDT0

How did you learn the tricks of the trade of telemarketing?

Jun 11, 11:07PM EDT0

I have taken many kinds of products to sell, and everytime I get a new sales job, I listen to the instructions and training no matter how experienced I am. I have also learned tricks from my own through experimenting with the approach and spiels.

Jun 13, 12:00PM EDT0

What do you know about the history of telemarketing?

Jun 11, 11:03PM EDT0

I honestly have no idea about the history of telemarketing. :(

Jun 13, 12:01PM EDT0