I am expert in On-page SEO. Now working on a Wordpress site. You can ask me anything about on-page SEO.

Sohel Rana
Aug 12, 2017

To get more traffic you must do SEO to your website. Ask me anything about website SEO.

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What are the current trend in the world of web marketing?

Aug 11, 9:56PM EDT87
  • Ushered in by Pokémon Go, We’ll See the True Rise of Augmented Reality.
  • Live Video Streaming Will Fully Take Off.
  • Data Visualization Tools Will Greatly Expand, As Will The Need for Data Visualization.
  • Native Advertising Will Explode in Popularity.
Aug 12, 7:49AM EDT25

could you explain the second one?

Aug 12, 10:35AM EDT49

What qualifies as content?

Aug 11, 7:38PM EDT0

Do I need to send an email newsletter?

Aug 11, 6:19PM EDT25


Aug 12, 8:04AM EDT66


Aug 12, 10:36AM EDT37

What are some general tips for social media success?

Aug 11, 5:01PM EDT38

Post creative content regularly

Aug 12, 8:03AM EDT87

Is that all?

Aug 12, 10:49AM EDT55

Which was your most difficult web marketing project and why was it difficult?

Aug 11, 4:01PM EDT67


Aug 12, 8:03AM EDT38

Wow, you're lucky

Aug 12, 11:47AM EDT0

How do I know if a Backlinks is good or bad for SEO?

Aug 11, 2:52PM EDT0

Backlinks always good

Aug 12, 8:02AM EDT0

How can I keep track of my rankings in Google?

Aug 11, 11:00AM EDT0

Proper seo, creative contents, daily post etc

Aug 12, 8:02AM EDT0

What are Backlinks?

Aug 11, 8:07AM EDT0

Link behind the site. too much backling , too much traffic.. and ranking

Aug 12, 8:01AM EDT0

What advice would you offer to small businesses getting started with web marketing?

Aug 11, 5:29AM EDT96

stayy conected with social media

Aug 12, 8:00AM EDT49

Which social media would you advise, by the way?

Aug 12, 10:42AM EDT22

How does your marketing job fit in with your career plan?

Aug 11, 4:59AM EDT0

Aim done this

Aug 12, 7:59AM EDT0

How should my anchor text distribution be?

Aug 11, 3:49AM EDT0

Which is a better video marketing platform, Youtube or Wistia?

Aug 11, 3:42AM EDT58


Aug 12, 7:59AM EDT41

Does Wistia have particular drawbacks?

Aug 12, 10:42AM EDT13

Isn’t social media marketing taking the place of email marketing?

Aug 11, 2:00AM EDT0


Aug 12, 7:58AM EDT0

How do you accomplish a marketing activity on a tight budget?

Aug 11, 1:20AM EDT0

Can social media marketing really help my business?

Aug 11, 12:49AM EDT0


Aug 12, 7:58AM EDT0

What should a company aim to achieve with social media marketing?

Aug 11, 12:42AM EDT0

Which is a better video marketing platform, Youtube or Wistia?

Aug 11, 12:29AM EDT0


Aug 12, 7:51AM EDT0

What's the difference between organic vs. paid results?

Aug 11, 12:11AM EDT0

What kind of experiences have you had working with various businesses?

Aug 10, 10:37PM EDT44

A huge experiences 

Aug 12, 8:06AM EDT33

that's awesome

Aug 12, 11:17AM EDT57

How do you deal with demanding and unreasonable clients?

Aug 10, 10:11PM EDT21

I try to connect with them when they online

Aug 12, 8:05AM EDT70

have you ever had arguments with your clients?

Aug 12, 10:55AM EDT69
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