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Oct 11, 2017

Do you market yourself or your brand the correct way through social media? Do you utilize the different platforms? Your subject matter may not fit the audience .. have you considered this ? Many people will Tweet their content and wonder why they aren't getting any responses to their message. 

Ask my why....

Whether to use Twitter , Facebook, and so many people have forgotten about this gem of a social site ... just ask me which one .

Do you know what is your target audience age / sex/ background.....?


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How easy do u find social media marketing. 

Oct 13, 1:37PM EDT1

Hi! How can i promote my project? https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftravelama.com%2Fama-i-help-people-travel-cheaper-is-my-startup-458159%2F&h=ATPJla-NuyH56ZwTmpaEYF6XLH0jUIVSNbB2Y61QAddBZuBM09j4Rb83UwNyj72OCoVheKb9uZ-ZsN3u6KgPVzdL2YiY5mwZ4sNdXyJYd5zIRdMY_JMzbY4RcEG0ahx0A2IrUT1J1hOMWA

Oct 12, 4:39AM EDT1

basically advertise it on Facebook / IG/ Twitter/ and offline . The biggest question people will have -- "WHY THIS APP"?  Answer this question before speaking on anything else and you will have clients fast. 

Since we are living in an age of mobile phones... having that right app is neccessary.. daily use or travel. Is this app only helpful when they travel or daily use? If its only for travel.. Then your target audience is people that travel for work.

Oct 13, 12:10AM EDT0

How often should I post fresh content on my site?

Oct 11, 8:10PM EDT1

I was told and seen the results --- minimum of 3 per day . His blog was getting love from Google because of the new content being posted. 

Oct 12, 11:51PM EDT0

How should I get started with content marketing?

Oct 11, 3:03PM EDT1

Gather - Prepare and jump in ... you will find out what works for "you" . Don't use other people formulas that work for them .. Make your own path. 

Oct 12, 11:53PM EDT0

What is content marketing exactly?

Oct 11, 10:19AM EDT1

-is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services

Oct 12, 11:54PM EDT0

How often should I send marketing emails?

Oct 11, 9:50AM EDT1

just keep in mind how often do you like seeing emails from companies.. in your inbox from the same place.. Space it out . Hopefully they opted in to recieve it or it can become junk to them

Oct 12, 11:55PM EDT0

Do I need to send an email newsletter?

Oct 11, 9:50AM EDT1

a newsletter is helpful - I guess it all depends on the content within the newsletter. Are you repeating any information?

Oct 12, 11:57PM EDT0

Can social media marketing really help my business?

Oct 11, 12:42AM EDT1

yes, people from all walks of life use some type of platform. Ihave heard elderly people speak on how they just use Facebook for the news and sports updates for scores. Take advantage of them being there.

Oct 12, 11:58PM EDT0

How should we be using LinkedIn for marketing?

Oct 10, 11:43PM EDT1

you can find contact people within companies you normally would not get in touch with. Business to business or business to consumer. Let me say this Linkedin users is larger than Twitter

Oct 13, 12:00AM EDT0

What are some general tips for social media success?

Oct 10, 11:14PM EDT1

no spamming - to many post of the same thing will get you blocked by people tired of seeing it . Create 10-15 posts for each day- all different , images, text, Schedule your post throughout the day. Peak times for social media varies by platform .. 

Oct 13, 12:03AM EDT0

What do you think is one of the biggest social media errors when trying to impact an audience? 

Oct 10, 10:15PM EDT1

not engaging / common dialog with potential consumers.

Oct 13, 12:04AM EDT0

Hi, thanks for your great AMA I thought you would like to check out  John and his AMA about bringing Ideas to life.

Oct 10, 6:20PM EDT1


Oct 13, 12:10AM EDT0

How should companies measure their social media marketing success?

Oct 10, 1:32PM EDT1

Sometimes you will have a place to ask the visitors how did they learn of their business.. a questionare. This can be annoying. There are scripts that are embedded in a website to track where the visitor came from . Facebook & Twitter uses analytics - but the only true way to find out is to ask. 

To measure success is kinda easy and hard at the same time . 

  1. Ongoing Analytics – Ongoing monitoring that tracks activity over time
  2. Campaign-Focused Metrics – Campaign or event analytics with a clear beginning and end
  • Clicks on links in your social media posts
  • Retweets, Mentions and Direct Messages on Twitter
  • Shares on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Comments on your Facebook and LinkedIn posts
  • Ratings on your YouTube videos
  • Comments on your blog posts
Oct 10, 6:45PM EDT1

Thanks, that's great.

Oct 12, 4:10AM EDT0

If you had to choose one - Twitter or Facebook - which would it be and why?

Oct 10, 12:13PM EDT1

Facebook , its more engaging than Twitter. All ages are using Facebook more often . The amount of users doesnt compare. As for music , I would say both..

Oct 10, 12:29PM EDT1

How long does it take before I’ll start seeing results from social media marketing?

Oct 10, 10:23AM EDT1

It all depend on the number of followers . Did you buy your followers or  are they organic? Many people will buy followers so they will "appeaar" to be special  and popular. 

So if the followers arent real - who is going to click on your post? Start by engaging with the followers you have . share their post and like some .. make comments .. naturally they will d the same . When you post your content .. ask a question instead of just posting "BUY THIS"

Oct 10, 12:33PM EDT1
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