#AMA How to use social media build relationships, get targeted followers, more engagement and get connected to virtually anyone.

Russ Turner
Nov 13, 2017

I will be hosting my #StartupAMA interview to help others gain knowledge on these topics as well as any other questions the online community might have for me.

I've been building online social media accounts for 5 years where I have been testing out different methods of marketing and automation software to find out what works and what doesnt.

I look forward to answering all of your questions.

See you then.


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How can someone get a lot of likes and followers on Instagram? 

Nov 13, 2:52AM EST0

Give out what you want to receive

Like more people's posts and you will recieve likes back. 

Follow more people to receive more follows back.

Post more regularly 

Use hashtags relating to your posts

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Nov 13, 4:38AM EST0

Can you recommend me a good book about this topic?

Nov 12, 7:26AM EST0

Not solely 1 book to cover all of the topics all though I did write one a few years back but its likely to be out dated.  I aim to write an updated version in the future.. but until such time as I do I would have to recommend these books.

The Brand Within by Daymond John

Maximize Your Social by Neal Scaffer

How To Win Friends and Influence People In The Digital Age by Dale Carnegie

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Nov 13, 4:02AM EST0

What advices can you give to newbies who wish to pursue a career in this field?

Nov 10, 12:05PM EST0

Make a new twitter account and only follow these social media experts.

Scan their tweets for any information they give out, check out their websites, subscribe to their newsletters and then reach out to them on LinkedIn.. connect with them by sending a message explaining that you are pursuing a path in social media and wondered if they could share any tips or advice.

  1. Lori Ruff
  2. Neal Schaffer 
  3. Mari Smith
  4. Jay Baer
  5. Brian Fanzo
  6. Lilach Bullock
  7. Bryan Kramer
  8. Ann Handley
  9. Pam Moore
  10. Melonie Dodaro
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Nov 11, 4:22PM EST0

What is your current net worth?

Nov 10, 11:30AM EST0

My networth is not publicly disclosed but I will say this much

"I am the richest man I know!"

I started building online networks with the worlds most super successful people and then began nurturing the relationships between myself and these individuals.

If you would like to understand the potential of having an online network filled with these types of people I suggest you read this book by Porter Gale.

Your Network Is Your Net Worth: Unlock the Hidden Power of Connections for Wealth, Success, and Happiness in the Digital Age

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Nov 11, 9:18AM EST0

How did you know the basic principles of Social Media Marketing?

Nov 10, 11:10AM EST0

I have mentioned in an earlier question an answer regarding resources I have gained knowledge from.

But basically like anything else,  I learnt them.

Nov 11, 8:22AM EST0

Do you solely build online businesses?

Nov 10, 11:09AM EST0

I don't build online businesses, I help businesses with their social media growth and SMmarketing.

Nov 13, 2:41AM EST0

Which industries have you worked with via social media networks?

Nov 10, 11:05AM EST0

I have worked with social media in the following industries;

- Catering

- Sports

- Print

- Freelancers

- Tech

- Entrepreneurs

Nov 11, 7:48AM EST0

Did you go to school for this?

Nov 10, 5:44AM EST0

No I have delved into many resources from Youtube videos to free ebooks and from courses to hardback books.

Contagious - why things catch on 'written by Jonah Berger who is a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is an expert on word of mouth, viral marketing, social influence, and trends.

Nov 11, 7:29AM EST0

How smart do you believe is the social media crowd?

Nov 10, 5:31AM EST0

I consider anyone who has spent some considerable time learning social media to be extremely smart.

As they are all building networks filled with the right people and the information that resides within these networks is Priceless!

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Nov 11, 6:27AM EST0

What do you do when a social media user attempts to spread negativity?

Nov 10, 5:09AM EST0

I dont give negative comments my time I breeze over them and simple ingnore them.

As most people commenting such things are only trying to provoke a reaction from you.

There are sytems in place if you wish to block or report certain people which I have done in the past.

One factor to consider is that any comment you recieve actually increases the engagement on your post so they are doing you a favour in some respects, as the algorithms for social media platforms show the most popular posts to your followers this also gets reinforced the more mutual friend you have in common.

Celebrities get a ton of negative comments.. consider yourself the celebrity in this instance!

The moral to this answers is..

"Be the bigger person"

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Nov 11, 6:22AM EST0

Can you give some downsides of using social media?

Nov 10, 2:53AM EST0

There are down sides to everything in life and it usually comes from a certain type of negative person.

Here are a few downsides;

1) Trolls

2) Abusive comments

3) Addictive

4) Non productive

But with every cloud there is a silver lining & under that lining there is a rainbow.

Nov 11, 5:34AM EST0

How can you ensure that your social media marketing ideas are fresh and convincing?

Nov 10, 2:36AM EST0

Yes as I have adapted my own techniques which you will not find on any social media course any where.

I aim for more quality following over quantity and know how to get infront of the right people.

Nov 11, 5:30AM EST0

Are you always active friends and family and social media?

Nov 10, 12:37AM EST0

I used to be but not so much now as my social media habits have changed due to teaching others how to use social for business purposes.

Nov 10, 3:00AM EST0

Isn’t social media promotion limited to users active on social networks?

Nov 9, 7:44PM EST0

Yes but if you look at the amount of active user stats for last year I think you'll be surprised at how many there are... you just need to reach the right ones!

Active Users for 2017

- Facebook 2.07 billion users

- Instagram 800 million users

- Twitter 330 million users

Nov 10, 2:07AM EST0

Do you currently have any projects in the works?

Nov 9, 5:06PM EST0

Yes Im creating an Instagram for business course.. going to be called.

"How to Win on Instagram without Breaking the Bank"

Or something like that, it will be on sale on Udemy hopefully in time for Christmas.

Nov 10, 1:45AM EST0

Do you think social media is more effective and advantageous than the traditional method?

Nov 9, 4:26PM EST0

Social media has been growing at an incredible rate ever since it began, its also showing no signs of slowing down.

Social is evolving very fast and so is social media marketing software. 

I like the fact that once you've established a network of reasonable size and a niche following,  you can then spend time nuturing that network into a community of engaging people who you can teach but also who you can learn from.

Yes it is advantageous but use multiple channels to market your business.


Nov 10, 1:41AM EST0

What is your stance in having young social media influencers promote products/services?

Nov 9, 3:33PM EST0

I am not prejudice in anyway but I would suggest that you only use influencers that fit your products or services in the first place as this will gain most success in way of ROI.

If you are regardings promoting their own products and services then hell yeh im all for it.

Everyone deserves to make their dreams a reality!

Nov 9, 4:28PM EST0

What got you interested in social media?

Nov 9, 1:28PM EST0

I started a business and was looking to market it, I knew social media was a way to do so.. then I guess I just fell in love with the process of reaching anyone in the world.

Nov 9, 4:24PM EST0

What part of business do you feel you need improvement in?

Nov 9, 11:33AM EST0

I consider myself a continual learner as to stay on top of the latest trends, anyone who thinks that they do not need improvement will get left behind as things move fast online.

I also have many extremely successful business minds in my network which give away valuable gems of information for free.

The moral to this answer is to get connected to the right people and to Always keep learning!

Nov 9, 12:15PM EST1

Have you got a website?

Nov 9, 11:19AM EST0

Yes I have a blogging website where I share tips on social media and things I like to write about.


Nov 9, 12:11PM EST0

What tips would you offer people promoting their business via social media?

Nov 9, 10:35AM EST0

Dont go wasting hundreds or thousands of pounds on social media ads first find out who exactly your target market is then find out where they reside using tools like https://audiense.com to locate them then once established start engaging with thise people by following them liking and commenting on their posts.. the key is to get into a conversation and find out what they need.

Secondly reach out to influencers in your industry and ask them for advice or for a shout out for your business.. influencer can also be located using https://audiense.com I believe they offer a 14 day free trial which os plenty of time to locate every one you need and download a csv file with data of users details.

Then when you start paying gor social media ads you will also have a more detailed breakdown of who your target market actually are such as demographics, age, sex, interests etc..

Nov 9, 10:56AM EST0

What failure did you learn the most from?

Nov 9, 10:30AM EST0

Not backing up my computer to an external hard drive.

Ouch that hurts.. lost everything in the early days takes time to recover from that.

Although I did have a sense relief like I had just cleared out the clutter.. but yes lost some important things.

Nov 9, 12:38PM EST0
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