AMA Growth Hacking for Startups

Luis Alejandro Valcarcel Jervis
Jul 17, 2017

AMA about my growth hacking experience 

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What kind of marketing do you offer clients?

Jul 17, 9:50AM EDT1

Email marketing, media buying, growth hacking, Facebook and google ads.

Jul 17, 4:16PM EDT0

What kind of growth hack would you suggest for a new social platform that wants traffic and memberships to be as organic as possible in order to grow a healthy company with more loyalty and longevity?

Jul 17, 9:50AM EDT0

Facebook is the friendliest platform. It will also depend on what kind of product you have. Reply with more details.

Jul 17, 4:17PM EDT0

I see a lot of people who claim to be growth hackers, and all they do is some social media exposure. Is that what growth hacking is?

Jul 17, 9:47AM EDT0

Its just a small part. Growth hacking is coming up with new and innovative ideas to sign up customers. 

Jul 17, 4:18PM EDT0

The term "hacker" is used in so many industries now that the original meaning is lost, or confusing to people. What other term would you suggest?

Jul 17, 9:46AM EDT0

Digital marketer. 

The term was used by Sean Ellis on his book after he analyzed the commonality of multiple tech companies grow strategies. 

Jul 17, 4:19PM EDT0

How do you go about designing a traction program for a new client?

Jul 16, 1:28AM EDT0

Identify the product value to its customer, who are the customers and how do they find you. 

Jul 17, 4:21PM EDT0

What are some ideas for a new startup to get traction?

Jul 15, 1:19PM EDT0

Social media, it's cheap and it's widely available. 

Jul 17, 4:21PM EDT0

What are your news sources for the latest in the industry?

Jul 14, 9:26PM EDT0

Facebook groups on entrepreneurship, famous growth hackers blogs, I just type digital marketing ideas on google. 

Jul 17, 4:22PM EDT0

What are examples of growth hacking techniques?

Jul 14, 9:21PM EDT0

Email marketing sequences, retargeting (the best), landing pages secuences.

Jul 17, 4:23PM EDT0

What would you tell a newbie who's interested in Growth Hacking?

Jul 14, 4:30AM EDT0

Learn learn learn then test test test. 

Jul 17, 4:23PM EDT0

How do you market your services?

Jul 14, 12:26AM EDT0

Combination of Google search and Facebook ads, Facebook groups participation. 

Jul 17, 4:24PM EDT0

What kind of resources do you use to get the job done?

Jul 13, 11:06PM EDT0

What kind of content one should produce to drive traffic to their website?

Jul 13, 4:50PM EDT0

Informative content. What is it, who is doing it, why it works, what are the benefits. Use landing pages with retargeting to identify and nurture your audience. 

Jul 17, 4:25PM EDT0

Have you done any paid advertising for previous clients?

Jul 13, 11:38AM EDT0

Yes, mid size account. Mid double digits monthly spent.

Jul 17, 4:26PM EDT0

What is growth hacking?

Jul 13, 9:33AM EDT0

A set of innovative techniques to attract and retain customers.

Jul 17, 4:26PM EDT0

What is the influence of hacking on marketing?

Jul 13, 1:52AM EDT0

It's measurable. Before you just printed flyers and hoped for the best. Now we have data that proves results. 

Jul 17, 4:28PM EDT0

How did you get into growth hacking?

Jul 12, 5:45PM EDT0

on my last year of school I had a taxi startup, it failed because I lack customer or traction. There I understood the basis of any business is to have customers. I researched grow strategies from multiple startups. Dropbox, uber, airbnb.

Jul 17, 4:29PM EDT0

Have you tried Facebook Ads? What do you think of it?

Jul 12, 4:11PM EDT0

They are amazing, good channel. 

Jul 17, 4:29PM EDT0

What are some of the unconventional ways growth hackers strive on?

Jul 12, 2:31PM EDT0

Do you blog? If you do, what is your blog's name?

Jul 12, 11:00AM EDT0

Unfountunately i don't. I'm quite busy at this moment. Maybe in the future. 

Jul 17, 4:31PM EDT0

What is growth hacking in marketing?

Jul 12, 9:23AM EDT0

What is the future of mobile advertising?

Jul 12, 8:46AM EDT0

It's only going to get bigger. I believe cellphones are the equivalent of rocks for our past ancestors, they built houses, light fires and use de them as knifes, now we can send message across the globe in 1 sec.

Jul 17, 4:33PM EDT0

How do you analyze the competition?

Jul 11, 11:16PM EDT0

I do a search and find their rank, I visit their page and find out if they are using fb, google and twitter intelligence, look to their website code to find out if they are using LinkedIn or AdWords code.

Jul 17, 4:34PM EDT0

Did you have any mentors who helped you along the way?

Jul 11, 10:22PM EDT0

Indeed yes I did, crazy guy out of Vancouver, Canada. He had a lot of hands on experience. I had theory knowledge but with him I got to be more hands on

Jul 17, 4:35PM EDT0

What does the "hacker" in growth hacking means?

Jul 11, 7:11PM EDT0

Do you have growth hacker friends you bounce ideas off?

Jul 11, 3:33PM EDT0

i did but we have moved on to different rolls, for confidentially agreement we can't share info anymore. Do you want to be my friend? 

Jul 17, 4:36PM EDT0

Who do you look up to in the marketing industry, other growth hackers?

Jul 11, 1:38PM EDT0

Research growth hacker for airbnb, uber, Dropbox and add them on twitter. 

Jul 17, 4:37PM EDT0

How do you go about inbound marketing?

Jul 11, 10:37AM EDT0

What kind of services do you offer?

Jul 11, 9:38AM EDT0
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