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The Instant Solutions
Nov 14, 2017

My name is "Muhammad Asim Dewan".

I am the CEO of Digital Marketing, Youtube Marketing & Top Notch SEO Company named 'The Instant Solutions'. http://theinstantsolutions.com/

We are expert in the ranking of keywords on Google page one, on-page SEO and youtube video rankings on youtube.com.

You can ask me anything about SEO, digital marketing, and youtube video marketing.

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What kind of tools or software did you use for SEO?

Nov 18, 7:49AM EST0

We use SEO tools for reporting only. We do not use robots or software for backlinking. We do WHITE HAT SEO which is manual way to do it.

For reporting we use magestic, ahrefs, semrush etc.

Nov 18, 7:53AM EST0

Where did you get your training from as a digital marker?

Do you own an online market?

Nov 15, 3:10PM EST0

I learn digital marketing from my seniors and INTERNET. It's more about practicing and experience since 2010.

I own a Digital Marketing, Youtube Marketing & Top Notch SEO Company named 'The Instant Solutions'. http://theinstantsolutions.com/

Nov 16, 1:41AM EST0

I'm not really a tech-savvy but had to learn stuff in this fast-paced world. What is digital marketing?

Nov 15, 9:09AM EST0

As the name suggests, marketing using digital resources. Digital marketing consists of different marketing techniques such as SEO,SEM,SMM,SMO and few others.

It includes content marketing as well.

Nov 15, 9:25AM EST0
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When I left my job in 2010, I was on '0' point, then started my own business from there :)

Nov 15, 3:04AM EST0

Hi sir. I am a blogger who writes poetry and essays on social issues. Can you please guide me how can I market my poems in YouTube by making audio visual things? Is there any video making app available there to help me?

Nov 14, 9:36AM EST0

I think you can use camtasia software for video editing.

Nov 14, 12:37PM EST0
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What business expenses can I write-off & what are the rules surrounding this?

Nov 13, 3:26PM EST0

First of all, set a goal what you want to achieve with your given budget.

Business expenses may vary depending on the nature and level of your business. If you are doing local business, you have to write down different aspects to cover for your business by keeping in mind your local community, audience, consumer nature, and your budget.

Similarly, when you planning to do the global type of business, you should study the market value, brand or services you are offering.

Make notes of how much you can invest for a year and how to overcome the issues you may face during this period.

Take less risk when you are at the start of your business days.

Nov 14, 2:24AM EST0

Can you mention the difference between SEO and SEM?

Nov 13, 2:48PM EST0

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and SEM stands for search engine marketing.

Both SEO & SEM are digital marketing techniques. In SEO, you have to optimise your content, web pages, blogs according to the Google webmaster guidelines which include ON-PAGE SEO. Another major aspect of SEO is off-page SEO where you build backlinks from different resources to increase your website rank on Google SERPs.

In SEM, you promote your website mainly through paid advertisements like PPC campaigns etc.

You can say SEO is part of SEM.

Nov 14, 2:14AM EST0

Does the number of pages I have indexed in Google matter?

Nov 13, 9:05AM EST0

Yes. All of your web pages must be indexed by Google. You should submit an XML sitemap to Google for the indexing of your web pages.

Nov 14, 2:05AM EST0

What should I consider before starting a career in Network Marketing?

Nov 13, 7:23AM EST0

You need to learn in depth about different aspects of the "MLM".

Understand the market flow, requirements, and needs of the end user or consumer. Sometimes, we think of what we feel better about, but we do not think about the consumer, that is the common mistake we do, so you have to avoid it.

Learn the tricks how to capture desired market and audience to focus on.

Last edited @ Nov 13, 7:42AM EST.
Nov 13, 7:39AM EST0

Can you recommend me a good book about this topic?

Nov 12, 11:00AM EST0

"Internet" is the best book :)

You need to learn and practice those things for you. You may find people talking about something which works for them, that might not work for you. There may be something which works for you, but do not work for them.

So just learn things and practice them at least for once.

Nov 13, 4:59AM EST0

Would you say you have to be extremely social in order to do network marketing?

Nov 12, 1:25AM EST0

It will help you a great deal, if you have a strong network of the audience, it will help you more in network marketing. It depends on how you utilize your resources.

MLM software is also being used in the market though.

Nov 13, 4:56AM EST0

Can I be penalized for linking to bad websites?

Nov 11, 3:28PM EST0

Yes. There are more chances to be penalized if you provide a backlink to a bad website.

Why would you take risk of it?

Nov 13, 4:36AM EST0

Is it necessary for a business to have a presence on all of the popular social-media networks?

Nov 10, 12:09PM EST0

Yes. Offcourse!

Its social media era. If you are a popular brand, someone can easily ask for your facebook page. What to say if you don't have? :)

There are about 50+ social media platforms where you should have your profile setup and publish your services/offers on those social media platforms.

Nov 13, 4:34AM EST0

Would you say network marketing business owners who have a mentor are more likely to succeed?

Nov 10, 11:28AM EST0

Yes, nowadays!

Nov 13, 4:31AM EST0

What is the difference between B2C and B2B?

Nov 10, 11:02AM EST0

B2C - is a way of selling products or giving services in which direct consumer is involved, as the name suggests 'business to consumer'.

B2B - is a way of selling products to other businesses, no consumer directly invovled in this method, as the name suggests 'business to business'.

Nov 13, 4:29AM EST0

How widespread is Digital Network Marketing?

Nov 10, 8:18AM EST0

Digital marketing techniques such as SEO, SMM, SMO, content marketing and campaign marketing are all based on the widespread myths.

Nov 13, 4:23AM EST0

What is the main purpose of using keyword in SEO?

Nov 10, 5:43AM EST0

Keywords mean "Key Words". Keywords are the words those mainly describe your business, services, or whatever you offering on your website.

Keyword optimization is very important in order to rank that keyword on Google SERPs.

You have to optimise your HTML pages according to the targeted keywords, for which you want your website to appear on top of Google search results when someone type "your keyword" on google search box.

Nov 13, 4:00AM EST0

Do internal links count as good links?

Nov 10, 5:34AM EST0

Yes. Internal linking is one of the major aspects of on-page SEO.

Nov 13, 3:56AM EST0

What is the best performing Network Marketing company currently & why do you think this is?

Nov 10, 5:10AM EST0


I had worked with this company.

Nov 13, 3:54AM EST0

I might have grammar and spelling issues, should I fix this?

Nov 10, 2:48AM EST0

Yes. Fix them ASAP :)

Nov 13, 3:51AM EST0

Is email marketing still effective?

Nov 10, 2:39AM EST0

Yes. You have to be very specific nowadays in your email marketing campaign.

Mention your direct telephone number, your client PHOTO and website in your email template.

Make your email template as much as SPECIFIC to your individual customer, so it looks like you writing email only for THAT specific client/customer, do not make it look general, otherwise, people will consider you a spam.

Last edited @ Nov 13, 3:43AM EST.
Nov 13, 3:41AM EST0

What was your first chance?

Nov 10, 12:23AM EST0

at what?

Nov 13, 3:43AM EST0

What are the potential risks of practicing black-hat SEO?

Nov 9, 7:45PM EST0

You can get penalty from Google. Your website can be de-indexed as well.

Nov 9, 8:53PM EST0

How do I delete backlinks?

Nov 9, 5:24PM EST0

Submit backlinks URLs to Google to delete them from its database.

Nov 9, 8:50PM EST0

How should companies measure their social media marketing success?

Nov 9, 5:02PM EST0

It can easily be concluded based on how much real traffic you are gaining from social media with less CTR.

You can trace out all these via Google Analytics reports, SEMrush, Ahrefs and any ither recommended tool.

It can also depend on how many number of followers, likes and subscribers you have on social profiles.

There are other factors as well.

Nov 9, 8:43PM EST0

How much time should social media marketing take?

Nov 9, 3:32PM EST0

Its a long run.

You have to update your content consistently on daily basis.

Digital marketing companies offer services on monthly basis to optimise your social media content and viral it on different channels.

Nov 9, 4:32PM EST0

How important is it to share content on social media?

Nov 9, 1:29PM EST0

It is very important to share content on social media.

There are about 50+ social media platforms where you should upload your content on daily basis.

It will engage more audience with your content and drive you more traffic to your website.

Remember to use eye-catching and attention grabbing infographics to get more attention of the visitors.

Nov 9, 4:27PM EST0

How important are inbound and outbound links in SEO?

Nov 9, 1:21PM EST0

Inbound links for your website are very important. Inbound links considered as backlinks for your website. Backlinks are key factor for gaining top google rankings.

Outbound links are the external links on your website. When you put do-follow backlink as external link, you passing link juice to that website.

Normally you should use no-follow as outbound links on your website.

Nov 9, 1:30PM EST0
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