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Aug 13, 2017

I've been in this game for over 4 years now, done, applied and learned many many things. Today I'm here to answer any question you guys might have. No matter how stupid the question is, just throw at me I'll do my best to give most valueble advice you've ever heard or been given before.


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How effective is a co-marketing campaign in generating leads and increasing sales?

Aug 12, 5:14PM EDT0

How does Software as a Service help in cloud computing and businesses?

Aug 12, 12:11PM EDT0

Do you incorporate online marketing tools into your previous marketing campaigns?

Aug 12, 11:23AM EDT0

Nop the only tools I use are tool provided by for example advertising plateforms itself, for instance adwords facebook marketing manager etc because they can make clever decisions based on data, most other companies don't have data to make these decisions or provide you with anything useful

Aug 13, 7:45AM EDT0

Ahh, that makes perfect sense.  I understand now how you do your campaigns. Thanks for your answer!

Aug 13, 2:17PM EDT0

How important is it to share content on social media?

Aug 12, 11:08AM EDT15

It's a waste of time and effort if you cannot track what you're getting out of it. If you don't mind that feel free to, might help with social signals.

Aug 13, 7:43AM EDT48

No, I like to create good quality content

Aug 13, 10:25AM EDT72

What are some cliche social media marketing strategies netizens are tired to see?

Aug 12, 9:26AM EDT0

99% of people people don't mind anything as long as they see things they're interested in, 'social media bubble' is a peaceful and powerful thing.. marketing is getting efficient, people are getting less and less tired of things because they're marketed like a people that spends 24/7 being recoded and marketed only what he likes.

Aug 13, 7:42AM EDT0

So are you saying that targeted niche and personalised marketing strategies are helping to get people more relaxed about marketing?

Aug 13, 1:56PM EDT0

How should we be using Facebook for marketing?

Aug 12, 6:56AM EDT0

Have you tried it? I could lie and say yes it'll definitely work but you cant be sure until you try. Some social media work for x business but not for Y.

Aug 13, 7:38AM EDT0

no, i haven't yet.but i should. you're absolutely right, it's all about practising

Aug 14, 12:31AM EDT0

How are websites being rank by Google?

Aug 12, 2:27AM EDT0

I don't know. Writing useful content and getting backlinks seems like a good start 90% of the time.. but thow they're ranked is a mystery.

Aug 13, 7:37AM EDT1

Thanks, is there any way to find out what the latest algorithms are?

Aug 13, 4:35PM EDT0

How do you deal with demanding and unreasonable clients?

Aug 12, 1:46AM EDT25

I do seo, marketing etc as hobby it's not my profession, I'm not a good lier so I won't be able to tell clients why I've been taking their money for past 12 months but still cannot rank their site..

Aug 13, 7:35AM EDT68

Have you ever had problems or conflicts with clients?

Aug 13, 10:26AM EDT42

What is content marketing exactly?

Aug 12, 1:07AM EDT0

Writing type of content that matches your sites niche is the basic idea. If your site is about shoes write content about shoes.. you will get people wanting answers, and while this is happening you grab their emails, do whatever you want.. content markting is opposite of cold calling people who never opted in I guess..

Aug 13, 7:34AM EDT0

it said that you should sometimes go beyond your theme and write about something interesting and useful, maybe some tips

Aug 14, 12:46AM EDT0

Why do some SEO methods not work?

Aug 12, 12:09AM EDT0

I don't know.. some people plan too much others very little, both are bad.. plan and take action and your seo methods will work if you're patience, don't lie to yourself if it's not working, ask other why it isn't don't get lost in your own world.

Aug 13, 7:32AM EDT0

you have very strong idea but i think you're right

Aug 14, 12:45AM EDT0

Is it necessary for a business to have a presence on all of the popular social-media networks?

Aug 11, 10:05PM EDT0

No but it does help because of social signals.. google likes social signals.. if you think you're wasting time and not getting any engagement or conersation it's time to leave.

Aug 13, 7:30AM EDT0

What are some good ways to increase social involvement?

Aug 13, 5:41PM EDT0

What makes a good social media marketer?

Aug 11, 9:08PM EDT0

The guy who you followed thinking he's smart as heck but all he does is spam 24/7 is a definition of bad SM marketer.. good social media marketer is someone who knows you cannot tell anything unless you talk to people unless you're giant brand like google.

Aug 13, 7:29AM EDT0

interesting point of view

Aug 13, 11:53PM EDT0

How can you improve keyword density?

Aug 11, 8:42PM EDT0

Link back your internal pages, interal linking is extremely powerful, it will also increase your page views

Aug 13, 7:27AM EDT0

How does back-linking actually work?

Aug 13, 4:52PM EDT0

Should we be using Google+ for marketing?

Aug 11, 8:11PM EDT0

Try it.. There's 100 other social media sites out there.. and they all have difference audience.. you cannot be in X city and ask if your business will sell, it might do well but you really cannot tell if it's doing all right unless you've gone out to every other city.

Aug 13, 7:26AM EDT0

Very true, thanks!

Aug 13, 2:30PM EDT0

What tools do you use to attract select group of people to particular websites?

Aug 11, 7:04PM EDT0

I don't use any tools. I research niches before I even get into a marketing. I don't start a product until I'm 100% sure it's going to sell.

There's no one tool to attract people to site anyways. Most tools out there are useless and mainly for seo newbies trying to get easy way out.

Aug 13, 7:24AM EDT0

what is used instead of attracting people?

Aug 13, 10:47PM EDT0

How should we be using LinkedIn for marketing?

Aug 11, 6:41PM EDT0

I got a message from one of this sites marketing person or whoever it was asking me politely to do this AMA, said I could also drop my site link too.


- If you want something from someone make sure you're giving something back

- Know what people are interested.

Now who exactly you promote something on linkedin is on you totally. Sticking to fundamentals isn't a bad start.

Aug 13, 7:22AM EDT2

thanks, i got the idea!

Aug 13, 10:15PM EDT0

Isn’t social media marketing taking the place of email marketing?

Aug 11, 6:32PM EDT0

Site A sells site B emails data and then site B blast their users promoting their products, this is asking for trouble. Email marketing isn't dying at all, it's just people are trying too hard while email service providers like gmail are getter better at marking your mail as spam. If email marketing doesn't work for some people it's their fault.

Aug 13, 7:18AM EDT0

So, like everything else then, it's all in the value?

Aug 13, 4:19PM EDT0

Have you ever used black-hat SEO for your marketing plan?

Aug 11, 6:21PM EDT0

Yeah 90% of the companies are doing this type of SEO and marketing and those who aren't are left behind. As far as I'm concerned I've done some blackhat seo in past but I cannot really handle it anymore, I like to live in peace.

Aug 13, 7:16AM EDT0

haha, all right

Aug 13, 9:31PM EDT0

Which is a better video marketing platform, Youtube or Wistia?

Aug 11, 3:53PM EDT0

Sorry I haven't heard of Wistia. But as a general advice it's best to stick to traditional platforms unless there's something truly promising about new platforms.

Aug 13, 7:14AM EDT0

i'll take in mind, thank you

Aug 13, 10:36PM EDT0

Can social media marketing really help my business?

Aug 11, 3:02PM EDT0

Yes they can as long as you go from Z to A instead of A to Z. What that means is find a niche that is already popular on social media and not very competitive and build business based on that. If you chose wrong business there really isn't much to do then besides trying to clickbait people like news sites do. Social media is generally good to bring product awareness and branding however you want to call it. Being in right market is very important. Also you didn't tell what your business is so this advice might be irrelevant.

Aug 13, 7:10AM EDT0

Don't you think that Social Media also gives you a great platform to bring people in according to your brand's personality too as some people will be drawn to you more than another who may be doing the exact same thing?

Aug 13, 7:25PM EDT0
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